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What is Staron?

Staron® is another high quality solid surface material offered by BSF, from the same family of acrylic stone. Made from a blend of acrylic resin and ATH fillers, with pigments and particulates, it maintains the hardness expected from solid surface without comprising creativity.   

Staron® is waterproof, hygienic, colour consistent, and can be thermoformed into the unique shapes and designs wanted by the imagination.      

Like other solid surface Staron® can be produced with inconspicuous seams - creating the seamless experience desired. Similarly, through crafting the material, translucent and back-lit effects can be added to really create a unqiue visual effect.

The Staron® range of colours and finishes does provide some exceptionally unique combinations, without it losing its physical strength, resistance to fire, and hygiene certifications

Technical Features

  • Can be manipulated into almost any shape
  • Stain Resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Impact and heat resistant
  • Euro Class B1 and C  Fire Rating
  • Hygenic, Inert, Non-Toxic, Chemically Non-Reactive
  • Renewable, Re-workable and Reapairable
  • Fade Resistant Colours, UV Stable
  • NSF-51 Food Safe certified
  • LGA Hygiene Certificated
  • ISO 16933 bomb blast test certified
  • UK Department of Transport AISAD approved
  • Environmentally Friendly

Technical care information on the Solid Surface products we offer can be found under our 'Downloads and Technical Information' page.

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