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LG Hi-Macs®

What is Hi-Macs?

LG Hi-Macs® Natural Acrylic Stone™ is a thermoformable composite material, closely resembling natural stone and granite., with a wide selection of attractive colours and finishes whilst ensuring practicality is maintained.   

Hi-Macs has the ability to be thermoformed into any number of unique shapes, sizes and curves, providing the flexibility to achieve designs unattainable with other hard surface materials. This combines the best of beauty and functionality across the 5 colour bands of the collection.   

The material is made from a blend of acrylic and ATH, with it being warm, inviting, and enticing to the touch. Particulates are evenly distributed throughout, with it being non-porous, stain resistant, renewable, and hard as stone. 

Hi-Macs can be joined with inconspicuous seams, enabling the crafting into a 'single' piece. Furthermore Hi-Macs is the perfect selection for areas where hygiene is of paramount importance, such as food preparation areas, hospitals and laboratories due to its resistance to germs and most chemicals, supported by the materials certification.

Technical Features

  • Can be manipulated into almost any shape
  • Stain Resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Impact and heat resistant
  • Euro Class B1 Fire Rating
  • Hygenic, Inert, Non-Toxic, Chemically Non-Reactive
  • Renewable, Re-workable and Reapairable
  • Fade Resistant Colours, UV Stable
  • LGA Hygiene Certificated
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • If produced and installed by BSF, a Quality Club Memeber, a 10 plus five limited warranty is provided 

Technical care information on the Solid Surface products we offer can be found under our 'Downloads and Technical Information' page.

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